Chinese automakers establishes Automotive Electronics Industry Investment Alliance

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By Kate Yuan

(JW Insights) Sep 28 -- The investment arms of nine leading Chinese automakers have established the Automotive Electronics Industry Investment Alliance on September 27 together with JW Insights and China Automotive News, aiming to accelerate technological innovation in China's automotive electronics industry and explore innovative investment models.

The alliance was founded at the 2023 Automotive Semiconductor Ecosystem Summit (ASES) and Global Automotive Electronics Expo held in Shenzhen on September 26-27.

Initiated by JW Insights and China Automotive News, the founding members also include Dongfeng Asset Management, SAIC Hengshu Capital, Geely Capital, Changan Capital, GAC Capital, BAIC Capital, Great Wall Capital, Xiaomi Investment, and NIO Capital.

The first council meeting of the Automotive Electronics Industry Investment Alliance was held on September 26, and Lao Yao, chairman of JW Insights, was elected as the secretary-general of the alliance.

"JW Insights has accumulated extensive experience in various well-known mobile phone and chip alliances. We will fully leverage JW Insights’ consulting services and information platform in the operation of the Automotive Electronics Industry Investment Alliance," said Lao Yao.

Chinese automakers have increasingly focused on building the local chip industry chain as a result of intensified competition and the previous chip shortage in the automotive industry. They have either engaged in chip manufacturing or invested significantly in chip companies. The automotive chip industry has become the fastest-growing segment in the semiconductor market.

However, automakers have encountered various challenges when investing in automotive chips. These challenges include inadequate policies and standards, difficulty forming collaborative forces, as well as challenges in verification and application implementation.

To address these challenges and promote the progress of automotive electronics, the alliance's main tasks will include strategic research, industry promotion, industry surveys, resource sharing, and data collaboration.

The alliance will work on resource sharing to expand the international innovation and resources for breakthroughs in core technologies.

In data collaboration, the alliance will focus on jointly establishing rules for data collection, storage, usage, and exchange, as well as building a fair and transparent automotive data platform.



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来源:爱集微 #Investment# #EV & Auto# #JW Insights#

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